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Tibor Elekes
TIBOR ELEKES, Bass, Composition, Teaching
Hi, I’m Tibor Elekes. I’m Swiss-Hungarian, born 1960 and living in Basel.
MUSICAL EDUCATION: From 1978 – 1983, I studied at the Swiss Jazz School in Berne where I got my diploma. In 1984, I added classical bass studies at the Franz Liszt Conservatory in Budapest. In 1985, I joined the Yoan Goilav masterclass at the Music Academy of Basel and in 1987 studied with the french master bassist Jean-Marc Rollez. (Right up to now, when playing jazz, I often like using the bow for giving the music more variety and color.)
I enjoy very much and profit a lot of my friendship with the great master bass player Wolfgang Gütler, who was for 10 years the solo bass player of the Berlin Symphonic Orchestra.
PERFORMING EXPERIENCE: Since the start of my professional career, I'’ve played with Clark Terry, Dino Saluzzi, Woody Shaw, Jeanne Lee, George Gruntz, Michel Portal, Bennie Maupin, Doug Hammond, Archie Shepp, Stephane Belmondo, Jorge Rossy, Al Foster, Cedar Walton, Greg Osby and many more american and european jazz musicians. For over 10 years now, I’ve been the bassist of the Kirk Lightsey Trio (mostly with Famoudou Don Moye on drums). Besides numerous tours all over Europe, one of the finest results of this collaboration certainly is the CD "Goodbye Mr. Evans“", recorded in 1997.
MEDIA REFERENCES: «...Another of the talented bass players to have emerged from Europe. He places major emphasis on deep sound and solid time. His solos are beacons of melody rather than excuses for exercising technique, and his adaptaion of Chopin could pass for a jazz original.»
(The american Jazz critics legend Bob Blumenthal)
The CD "Goodbye Mr. Evans" soon was classified number 3 in the US Radio Jazz-Chart, rated four and a half stars in „Downbeat“ magazine and had excellent critiques throughout the US and international jazz press:
«Seldom does a piano, bass and drums trio disperse this much spice and fire on one track, and then plays beautiful compositions on another way the Kirk Lightsey trio does.»
(Arts & Entertainment.)
«And I loved bassist Tibor Elekes’s sound and note placement right from his short intro in the first cut. Like Charlie Haden, he emphasizes the low end on the the instrument, and when he solos, it’s never like listening to rubber bands snapping.»
(Jessica Williams, ListeningIn.)
«In terms of pure sound, Elekes‘ waltz-time adaptation of Chopin’s 6th Etude offers the best showcase of all for Lightsey... Atop Elekes‘ gentle arrangement, Lightsey sings the piece in as convincing a fashion as he would a bebop or a blues refrain...»
COMPOSING ACTIVITY: Apart from my jazz composing and arranging activity (with the above mentioned Chopin adaptation being a kind of crossover example), I’ve started writing modern classical music – e.g. a solo piece for cello, a sonata for piano, cello and soprano sax, a brass quintet, a string quartet, Doublebass piano sonata...
DISCOGRAPHY: 1996: „Recycling“, with Tony Lakatos, Al Foster, Kirk Lightsey, Tibor Elekes (Jazzline). Top rating in the US Radio Charts.
1997: „Goodbye Mr. Evans“, with Kirk Lightsey, Famoudou Don Moye, Tibor Elekes (Evidence).
1998: „Kirk Lightsey Trio: Live in Europe“, Kirk Lightsey, Famoudou Don Moye, Tibor Elekes (temp musicproduction).
1999: „The Muneer B. Fenell, Daniel Almada, John Betsch, Tibor Elekes Quartet“ (temp musicproduction). Quartet with the american cellist Muneer B. Fenell.
2000: „new connexion“, with Greg Osby (meta records).
2001: „Level 4“. Kirk lightsey, Bennie Maupin (meta records).
2002: Liric and doublebass, with Michaela Oberndorfer, vocal.
2004: „Werke von W.A. Mozart, J. Schnabel, Praetorius“, Orchester St. Clara.
2006: „Estate“. Kirk Lightsey, Tibor Elekes, Famoudou Don Moye, (Itenera).
2009: the island. Asia Lisiak, Tibor Elekes, Florian Arbenz, Kirk Lightsey (temp musicproduction).
2013: Bizalom. Tibor Elekes, Kalman Olah, Florian Arbenz (Unit Records).
TEACHING ACTIVITY: At the Musikwerkstatt Basel I’ve been a teacher - right from the beginning of this institution - for accoustic and e-bass as well as jazz improvisation, group playing and classical training.
Tibor Elekes was the first Hungarian and swiss musician who appeared on the Gavin Report Top Ten in the American Jazz Music Radio with his CDs.
1.   1993 „Recycling“ (jazzline). Feat. Kirk Lightsey (piano), Al Foster (drums), Tony Lakatos (sax) was the seventh best CD.
2.   1996 Goodbye Mr. Evans (Evidence). Feat. Kirk Lightsey (piano), Famoudou Don Moye (drums) was the third best CD.
Tibor Elekes
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