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Tibor Elekes
Discography / Samples
Le Corbu (2015)
When Lightsey, Elekes and Moye met in August 2014 for a new project in Marseille, the trio decided to visit the first Unité d'Habitation by the architect Le Corbusier.
"Le Corbu" subverts Corbusiers order, a music which inverts space, leads the listeners away from functionalities and invites them to play along.
My second production as band leader with Olàh Kàlmàn, with whom I share an old and deep musical realtionship, a prfound love for the hungarian folk music, and for Bartok and Bach, to whom we have dedicated a lot of musical projects.
Hungarian Sketches: Adaption of a hungarian folk song. Olàh Kàlmàn belongs to the rare pianists with the ability to improvise in the polymodal bartokian style; here a very representative example!
Sample: Hungarian Sketches (5.4 MB)
Level 4
With Bennie maupin, Kirk Lightsey, Florian Arbenz.
Sample: Evolution (6.1 MB)
Lightsey, Elekes, Moye; Moye belongs in Lightsey's and my opinion the most creative and imaginative drummers of the present!
Sample: Heaven Dance (4.3 MB)
Goodbye Mr. Evans
Lightsey, Elekes, Moye; 'Goodbye Mr. Evans' reached the Top 3 of the US Radio Jazz-Charts and was rated 4 ½ Stars in 'Downbeat'. The CD received excellent reviews, mainly in the United States:
„Seldom does a piano, bass and drums trio disperse this much spice and fire on one track, and then plays beautiful compositions on another way the Kirk Lightsey trio does.“
(Arts & Entertainment)
„And I loved bassist Tibor Elekes’s sound and note placement right from his short intro in the first cut. Like Charlie Haden, he emphasizes the low end on the the instrument, and when he solos, it’s never like listening to rubber bands snapping.“
(Jessica Williams, ListeningIn.)
„In terms of pure sound, Elekes‘ waltz-time adaptation of Chopin’s 6th Etude offers the best showcase of all for Lightsey... Atop Elekes‘ gentle arrangement, Lightsey sings the piece in as convincing a fashion as he would a bebop or a blues refrain...“
Sample: From Chopin To Chopin (4.6 MB)
Live in Europe
Lightsey, Elekes, Moye. Among the best recordings of the Lightsey Trio, Lightsey played his best solos here!
Sample: You and Night and the Music (5.1 MB)
New Connexion
The Arbenz twins attended Tibor’s Jazz-Workshop classes in the Musikwerkstatt Basel as young musicians, hence a deep musical synergy evolved. In my optinion the Arbenz twins belong the most imaginative and creative musicians of Switzerland. They find great international recognition, in Jazz as well as in the cklassical scene. Florian also got the "European Kunstpreis". Greg Osby completes the formation in an optimal way and belongs the most important representatives of his instrument.
Sample: Intuition (6.2 MB)
Fennell, Almada, Betsch, Elekes. My first CS as band leader with an interesting selection of musicians, not dedicated to a specific tradition. Muneer Fenell is Thelonius Monk on the cello so to speak, and is perceived much too little as incredibly creative musician.
Sample: Cherokee (4.8 MB)
1996: „Recycling“, with Tony Lakatos, Al Foster, Kirk Lightsey, Tibor Elekes (Jazzline). Top rating in the US Radio Charts (rank 7). This CD was recorded in 5 hours only and is an excellent example of spontaneous creative interplay - no track editing was required!
Sample: Skylark (5.4 MB)